Outsourced SEO for Agencies & In-House Marketing Teams

Outsource SEO tasks & reports and free up time for marketing staff.

Outsource Keyword Rearch and SEO audits

I can generate keyword ideas across multiple categories and help create an effective SEO strategy for your clients.

I can complete technical audits and run reports using your branded documents or templates to allow your teams to focus on strategy and growth.

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Keyword Generation & Categorisation

Keyword research across whichever categories and industries your clients want to target. Categorised by theme and intent.

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Outsourced Reporting & Commentary

I can do your SEO reporting for you, complete with speculative comments about traffic performance and keyword rankings.

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Website Launch & SEO Friendly Migrations

I can check sites for missing SEO elements pre-launch and help plan, implement and check 301 redirects throughout the migration to help retain link value and keyword rank.

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SEO Friendly Site Structures

If your team of ace designers and developers don't really understand SEO, work with me to research and create a site structure which search engines will love.

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Ecommerce Product Optimisation

I can write bespoke, researched product descriptions across hundreds or thousands of products, or template them at a fraction of the cost and SEO benefit.

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Automation & API integrations

I can create Adwords scripts to pause for downtime; API integrations for numerous SEO tools and Google services; and create web scrapers & data miners for your team.

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Outsourced SEO Hourly Rates

Contact me today to discuss how my SEO experience can impact your clients business goals and free up time for your team.

Basic Agency


Per hour

  • 0-15 Hour Tasks
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Pay On Completion
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Agency Outsourcing


Per hour

  • 15-30 Hour Projects
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 1 month in advance
  • Pay On Completion
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Whitelabel SEO


Per hour

  • 30+ Hour Campaigns
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 3 month in advance
  • 50% up front to reserve 30h+
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Fast & Efficient Outsourced SEO Services.

I've spent years improving my SEO techniques and learning to work quickly and efficiently. This website only took 48 hours to create.

If I can build this in 2 days, imagine what I can do for your clients in 2 hours.


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