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Identify what searchers are typing into Google.

Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is where an SEO takes time to research all of the terms a searcher might type into Google, and scores them based on the amount of times that keyowrd is searched every month.

Once we know which keywords searchers are using, we can decide which to target for your SEO campaign, based on search volume, competition and intent to convert.

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SEO Keyword Research Process


Develop keyword themes

I will develop keyword groups based on your services, products and businesses aims - using your website, SERP competitors and primary research in search engines like Google.


Measure Search Volume

I will measure the average monthly search volume across the researched keywords and recommend which keywords would be best to target to increase rankings, clicks and traffic.


Identify Existing Rankings

Keyword research will highlight keywords you previously did not know about, and if they already rank close to page 1, they could be pushed up to #1 quickly increasing traffic and conversions.

Send me a message to discuss how in depth SEO keyword research can help your SEO campaign, and how I can make your site rank #1 for those keywords.

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Keyword Research Prices

Keyword Research projects are priced around the cost of researching a single keyword theme. Keyword themes are a group of keywords across a single niche or product category, for example, web design keywords are 1 theme but web design and SEO keywords are 2 different keyword themes and would require seperate projects.

If you have 4+ distinct categories then consider extended keyword research across your whole site, or talk to me today about a bespoke keyword research project.

Basic Keyword Research


Per keyword theme

  • 2Hours
  • 1Keyword Theme
  • £25per hour
  • No targetingrecommendations
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Keywords & Targeting


Per keyword theme

  • 2.5Hours
  • 1Keyword Theme
  • SEO targetingrecommendations
  • SEO Ranking Strategy
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Extended Keyword Research


Per Site / Industry

  • 8+Hours
  • UnlimitedKeyword Themes
  • Research a whole site or niche
  • Highlight Ranking Opportunities
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