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I'm a Freelance SEO in Newcastle, and all optimisation and development work is carried out by myself - so you can be assured all of your website optimisation is well-written, friendly and easy to digest, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail across step of your SEO campaign.

SEO Keyword Reearch On-Page Optimisation

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is used to identify which keywords searchers are typing into search engines, and decide which keywords to target with your SEO campaign.

SEO Keyword Research

SEO On-Page Optimation

Your website will only rank for keywords which your page is relevant to. SEO Optimsation of page titles, headings and content is one of the first steps toward ranking #1.

SEO On-Page Optimation

SEO Ranking Strategy

If you know exactly what you want to target, but don't know how to achieve #1, some SEO consultancy will help you develop a strategy to achieve and maintain #1 rankings.

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Ecommerce Optimisation

On page optimisation for large ecommerce sites, including pages, categories and products to increase rankings and attract more customers to your online store.

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Google Analytics Reporting

Find out how your website is performing and what actions visitors are taking by setting up Google Analytics and automated reporting.

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Local SEO Campaigns

Find local customers by utilising local SEO techniques and strategies to attract customers in and around Newcastle and the North East.

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SEO Optimised Blog Content

Blog content designed to be found for keyworded searches with research intent, creating brand recognition earlier in the customers purchasing cycle.

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Knowledge Graph Optimisation

Instructional and informational content designed to rank in Google in the knowledge graph at position #0. Usually using FAQs & question based keywords

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Freelance SEO Hourly Rates

Most tasks are priced according to the workload and speed at which I can complete them, but if you want you can pre-purchase blocks of time at discounted rates and then use that time how you see fit.

Starter SEO


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  • 0-15 Hour Tasks
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Pay On Completion
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Larger SEO Projects


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  • 15-30 Hour Projects
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 1 month in advance
  • Pay On Completion
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Bulk Freelance SEO


Per hour

  • 30+ Hour Campaigns
  • SEO, Paid and Web Dev
  • Book up to 3 month in advance
  • 50% up front to reserve 30h+
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Years of SEO and Web Development Experience.

I've spent years improving my SEO techniques and learning to work quickly and efficiently. This website only took 48 hours to create.

If I can build this in 2 days, imagine what I can do for your website.


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