Welcome to

This Node.js website is my place to show off. It's super fast and super awesome!

No webserver #noproblem.




About me

I'm an SEO / Developer / Gamer - in that order.

I taught myself to code HTML and CSS over a decade ago and I'm still learning new stuff today. I now work as an SEO at one of the worlds fastest growing rectruitment agencies. Cool shit? Yeah I am.

I am addicted to coffee, but most developers are so buy me a coffee.

About the site

This website is hosted on the cheapest cloud server I could find. And Holy shit its fast right? I wanted to learn a new language, I am good with HTML, CSS, PHP and JaveScript so I thought why not learn Node?

I built this site with Node.js and express and it loads less than a second. I will add lots of fancy things and it wont slow down.

This isn't just a website, this is a super sweet javascript website.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch with me my email is, but I haven't set up a JavaScript mail server yet so don't send me a message there.

Until that's all sorted, you can tweet me at @icantrank or find me lingering around coffee shops in Newcastle on my lunch break.