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Online Marketing Services

I can provide a range of SEO and marketing services to improve your business' online presence and increase traffic to your website.

If you've got a website already, and you'd like to improve its performance, search engine optimisation can help increase keyword rankings in search engines like Google.

SEO Services Technical SEO

If you're an SEO agency or in-house marketing team, I can help free up time for more important tasks and strategies with whitelabel technical SEO audits, checks and reporting services.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Freelance SEO services

From on-page optimisation to keyword research and SEO strategy, I can help you improve keyword positions in Google and Bing.

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Other Search Engine Optimisation Services:

  • Keyword Research to identify opportunites
  • SEO strategy to understand how to rank #1 for specific terms
  • On-page optimisation to increase relevancy & keyword rankings
  • Ecommerce Store Optimisation for category and product pages
  • Local SEO services to attract local customers
  • SEO optimised blog content designed to rank for target phrases
  • Knowledge Graph and question based optimisation
  • Google Analytics Setup and automated reporting of key website metrics
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks at elements of your website which may be hiding your site from Google, along with speed fixes and structure tweaks to improve SEO rankings.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Other Technical SEO

  • Technical SEO audit to identify any issues or improvements
  • Website Speed Improvements to improve user experience and SEO visibility
  • Structured data creation to add machine readable (Googlebot) data to your pages
  • New site launch checks to highlight any missing SEO elements
  • SEO friendly website migration to retain SEO value through site redesigns or moves
  • Dynamic On-page optimisation to bulk optimise pages through website code
Agency / Outsourced SEO Services

Outsourced SEO Services

SEO Agencies and in-house marketing teams can make use of a range of whitelabel services.

I can complete technical audits and run reports using your branded documents and templates to allow your teams to focus on strategy and growth. I work very fast and autonomously.

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Agency / Outsourced SEO Services

Other Outsourcing Services

  • Keyword generation and categorisation for use in clients SEO campaigns
  • Reporting & Commentary to send to your clients using your branded templates
  • Website Launch & Migration including redirect mapping, technical audits and go live checks
  • SEO friendly Site Structures for new web builds to maximise SEO value
  • Ecommerce Product Optimisation for when the client demands those pages are optimised
  • Automation & API integrations to speed up repetitive tasks and data pulling
Adwords / Paid Search Services

Google AdWords Services

SEO and Paid Search should work together, with AdWords only displaying where you do not already rank organically.

I can help optimise existing AdWords campaigns to maximise traffic, and create new campaigns and recommend keywords & bids to maximise clicks or conversions.

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Adwords / Paid Search Services

Other Paid Search Management:

  • Keyword planning and research to maximise traffic
  • Ad Creation and Copy to encourage searchers to click
  • Reporting & Analytics to identify wasted budget and put it to use elsewhere
  • Quality score optimisation to increase relevancy and lower cost per click
  • Remarketing Campaigns to attract returning customers and basket drop outs
  • Automation & AdWords Scripts to automate ad creation and bidding based on custom rules
Freelance Web Development Services

Website Bugs & Changes

I have coded on most PHP based Content Management Systems and can work with most PHP & JavaScript frameworks and templating languages.

You can trust me to fix bugs and make changes quickly and efficiently, without the need to hire costly external developers

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Freelance Web Development Services

Other Web Developer Services:

  • Mobile Responsive Changes to ensure visibilty on devices and mobile search
  • Website Changes & Tweaks to make your site look just the way you want it
  • Technical SEO Development to improve SEO visibilty
  • CMS updates & upgrades without the worry of downtime
  • Major Website Changes if you want to change a lot
  • Automation, Testing & Web Scraping to speed up those tasks nobody enjoys


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